10:30am yoga therapy EDCP
2-3pm private yoga therapy
7:30pm honeyflow love hive SE
8:45-9:45 private yoga therapy

10:30am yoga therapy EDCP
12:30pm PHAME yoga
2-5pm private yoga therapy
5:45pm hatha flow yoga refuge

10am yin thrive yoga

10am yoga therapy EDCP
12pm hath a level 2-3
2-5pm private yoga therapy
5:45pm flow+ SMR yoga refuge

10:30am yoga therapy EDCP

8am hatha lab 2-3 yoga refuge
9:30am gentle yoga refuge

Private Lessons

One-on-one sessions are a great place to build or support your foundation for a lifetime of practice. Read more.

Yoga therapy is beneficial complementary care for behavioral and medical health concerns such as:

  • auto-immune diseases
  • trauma recovery
  • rehabilitation
  • disordered eating patterns
  • addiction
  • chronic pain
  • perinatal health
  • mobility and stability
  • depression and anxiety