Be prepared for work and laughter. Fawn holds space for joy and tears and celebrates the smallest of accomplishments and encourages in the most mundane of fears. When the work is hard you don’t feel like you’re alone.
— N.S.
Fawn is one of the smartest yoga teachers I have taken classes from. Her deep knowledge of physical and yogic anatomy teaches me something new every time I take class with her. I feel taken care of when I’m in her presence.
— M.G.
I love your classes and in them I’ve found a space to come back to my yoga practice, my body and my heart. The ritual of grounding in our breath and then moving through asana together makes me feel better. I can see this sense of community building amongst those of us who are participating and beginning to recognize familiar faces. I like your classes because I’m always challenged but in a full-hearted and fun way. Your knowledge of muscle and bone structure is really valuable to me and I appreciate your observations and instructions on how to build or re-align my practice. My left shoulder has an old injury. On a deeper level your classes are helping me to open up my heart again after a long period of being folded inward. I am grateful for that.
— F.S.
Fawn has an intelligence, thoughtfulness, humility, and kindness that she brings to each class. She creates a safe and fun space where you can learn about yourself through exploration and practice without judgement or expectations. Her instruction not only informs the physical practice, but integrates the mind and body both on and off the mat. Her classes are for the curious and serious alike, or anyone who wants to work on positive change!
— J.L.
I really like the focus Fawn gives on alignment and form. Her classes are well thought out and have a welcoming, positive vibe. She is a lovely person and a dedicated yogi, I highly recommend her as a teacher!
— K.J.
Fawn safely guided me through my whole pregnancy, encouraging me to tune into my body and maintain flexibility and strength. Postpartum, she showed my how to repair and strengthen my core. Fawn’s creative classes and experienced guidance have inspired me to get on my mat every day.
— C.F.
Fawn, wow! Had a great time hanging out and having you along on tour. You were capable of sniffing out a sleep-deprived, stressed-up, toxin-riddled musician, then stretch and contort his body into unimaginable positions to unravel the real-life guy within. Thank you! Guess what — that really worked wonders and I thank you for all those amazing stretches that got me in a good sweat and really feeling alive on the road! Hope to have you along again.
— M.M.
Yoga With Fawn is the best experience I’ve had with yoga. I was not a huge fan of yoga, but I am a huge fan of Fawn’s and the compassion and understanding and guidance she’s given me. Plus she is hella cool.
— G.D.
Thank you Fawn for offering your services as a Yogi Master @ PNCA for these past years. My practice with you has completely transformed and enriched my life- and continues to do so each day- my practice with you has been extraordinary beyond what I could ever have had imagined- and now having done yoga with teachers from the East to the Left Coast- I can say with complete honesty: there is nothing like Yoga with Fawn. nothing.
— K.B.
As a fairly new student, with multiple physical obstacles, I found myself getting easily frustrated and overwhelmed with my yoga practice. Since starting private sessions with Fawn, I have found myself feeling more confident in, and aware of, my own abilities. Fawn approaches each session with a wonderful sense of discovery, and is really mindful of how her students respond to direction. Fawn is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but she is also a mindful, gentle, enthusiastic, kind, generous, and playful person/teacher. Private sessions with Fawn are a complete delight, and I look forward to continuing my journey as her student!
— V.R.
Fawn is a wonderful teacher with the skill and compassion to help you find new life in your body. She is especially adept at noticing and suggesting small changes in body placement that really help you find new space and stretch and strength in the poses. Fawn’s gentle sense of humor ensures that yoga doesn’t become a stern lesson, but rather a liberating and rejuvenating practice that engages and celebrates your body and spirit. Thank you, Fawn! Namaste.
— E.C.
My mom always did yoga. I have a billion books. I have done a billion tapes. But 10 minutes with my friend Fawn and I ‘get’ Yoga! I have not been creating artistically for months and now I am creating again after 2 days of yoga. I do not know what happened but it is really working for me.
— B.L.
I LOVED your class! Intelligent sequencing. Thoughtful, lovely instruction. Thank you!
— M.P.
I can’t speak highly enough about Fawn as a yoga instructor. Fawn guides with kindness, patience and expertise which is particularly helpful to me as a beginner. She has a keen sense for knowing when I need some extra guidance to get the most of a particular pose. She offers clear instruction and creative metaphors that enable me to retain the information easily. She also keeps an inspiring and informative blog that I refer to often. I would recommend her to anyone.
— E.G.
Fawn’s teaching style is so light-hearted and good to be around. Class with Fawn makes my neck and back feel awesome! I feel way more present and connected to my body after yoga class.
— T.C.
Fawn is the kind of Yoga instructor you wonder the existence of. Fawn’s style of teaching is organic yet guided. She seems to always be intently studying what each of her students are doing so she can help assist their practice.
— M.P.