Fawn Williams
Yoga Therapist Working in Portland, Oregon



I’m a yoga therapist and yoga educator. My workshops, retreats and classes are all designed to help people gain greater self-empathy, connection, and function. I create and share tools for body-based self-care to enable people to better understand, engage with, and care for their body in a practical way.



I have been teaching and creating vibrant and innovative learning experiences since 2008. Through interactive workshops for groups of up to 100+ participants, I bring my extensive experience as a somatic educator to organizations and institutions where I consult, provide guests lectures, and deliver staff development.

Credentials: C-IAYT, YACEP, E-RYT 500, BFA


Client Reviews

Fawn has an intelligence, thoughtfulness, humility, and kindness that she brings to each class. She creates a safe and fun space where you can learn about yourself through exploration and practice without judgement or expectations. Her instruction not only informs the physical practice, but integrates the mind and body both on and off the mat. Her classes are for the curious and serious alike, or anyone who wants to work on positive change!
— Jennifer S. Lin, MD, MCR
Fawn safely guided me through my whole pregnancy, encouraging me to tune into my body and maintain flexibility and strength. Postpartum, she showed my how to repair and strengthen my core. Fawn’s creative classes and experienced guidance have inspired me to get on my mat every day.
— Cally Fruscello, Chef and Holistic Health Coach
Fawn is a true yogi and healer. Despite my 20 years of yoga practice, I moved muscles that I had never found before! This was truly a healing and enlightening yoga experience in a beautiful setting. I highly recommend Fawn and our yoga retreat!
— Beth Freeman, PhD, MBA
Fawn, Thanks for your wonderful teaching. I am just a beginner in my body, and in a process of recovery from major surgery and six months of chemo. Soon maybe I’ll be able to graduate to gentle yoga. Thanks for your great work.
— Tod Sloan, PhD