Fawn is a performer, teacher, designer, mother, and tarot storyteller. Her body, a rich medium shaped by experience, memory, and place, engages with the natural environment, and collaborates with purpose-built structures. Through the choreography of self, she embodies being comfortable with discomfort, radical vulnerability, and body politics.
She often wonders:
In what ways can performers ripen conditions for an audience to have an authentic experience?
When does the exchange of experience and memory occur?
What elements are required for the transaction to feel clean?

performance documentation


short film Love Is Fog

Love Is Fog: How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You premiered as an installation at the IMAG Gallery in 2004, and was featured at the 2005 Portland Short Short Film Festival at The Hollywood Theater.

The Watch Dress Rehearsal, 2010

Performed and choreographed by: Fawn Williams; Textile Designer: Ruth Waddy; Poetry and Sound: Erica Loloff. May 22, 2010 The Understory, Portland, Oregon.

Inspired by Fluxus member Walter de Maria, Work Crew explores meaningless work. Performed by Fawn Williams, Leah Bobalova, and Heather Schmidt, and choreographed by Fawn Williams as part of The Understory Performance Series, November 2010.

Spoken word, song, gesture with themes of existentialism and mortality. Written and performed by Fawn Williams as part of The Understory Performance Series, November 2010.

The body doesn’t lie. But when we bring language to the body, isn’t it always already an act of fiction? With its delightfully designed composition and color saturations and graphic patterns? Its style and vantage point? Its insistence on the mind’s powerful force of recollection in the face of the raw and brutal fact that the only witness was the body?
— Lidia Yuknavitch, The Chronology of Water: A Memoir (Hawthorne Books, 2010)