Your body is full of wonders. That makes you wonderful. Respect and love yourself. You are a miracle.
— John Burstein

i am an internationally certified yoga therapist (C-IAYT), yoga alliance continuing education provider (YACEP), and an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 500).

Raised by two visual artists who first taught me about the human body through experiences like casting my hands in plaster, sculpting objects in clay, and watching figure drawing classes in the living room, we meditated as a family. As a small tyke I did gymnastics and entered the contemporary dance and martial arts worlds as a teen. Though my mom brought me to kirtan and meditation retreats from around age four, my yoga asana practice began in the mid-1990s in San Francisco where I studied performing arts. Yoga provided me with integral self-regulation strategies that I continue to share with students.

A foundation in mindfulness helps me combine all eight limbs of yoga into practice, and truly live my yoga. I teach nervous system regulation and functional movement with practical applications. This work is for everyone.

With a special interest in Biomechanics and yoga as complementary care, I work with wellness teams to incorporate yoga into treatment, and have presented at conferences such topics as Trauma Informed Care, and the Neuroscience of yoga.

In my private yoga therapy practice, I hold space for people to land sweetly within.

My teachers and guides are many, and honor Sarahjoy Marsh, Todd Jackson, Wendy Foster, Simon Menasche, and Sant Ajaib Singh Ji. Founder of wellness programs at Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft, I also have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, and teach in the Dance Department at Portland Community College.

Yoga therapy is beneficial complementary care for behavioral and medical health concerns such as:

  • auto-immune diseases
  • trauma recovery
  • rehabilitation
  • disordered eating patterns
  • addiction
  • chronic pain
  • perinatal health
  • mobility and stability
  • depression and anxiety