TBA Festival 2018

Performing arts festivals have been a big part my human life, and quite possibly beyond. When I was a kid I did theater and choral festivals #dramanerd #choirnerd. Since college it's been postmodern dance and performance art #feminism #postmoderndance. Collaborative process based art requires rigor and an infinite amount of trust. I just got back from rehearsal and feel ever grateful I get to engage in this way. I'll be supporting a touring ensemble with their work at Lincoln Hall Fri/Sat eve as part of the PICA's Time Based Arts Festival. It's my 4th (or 5th?) time performing in this fantastic extravaganza and am feeling all gooey inside. I'm not teaching any evening classes this week cause of rehearsals. •
#timebasedarts #tbafestival #contemporaryart #artsfestival #yogateacher #portlandartscene

Fawn WilliamsLincoln Hall