Yoga and Eating Disorders

Presentation prep for Yoga Therapy as a complement to eating disorder treatment and recovery at Lewis and Clark College. Stoked to cover concepts of neuroscience, trauma informed care, and yoga philosophy. It's a great opportunity to further collaboration between health care professionals and yoga therapists-- a great combo👍I love my clinic family @monte.nido! Here's a little guidance first to those in recovery⬇️

ED Warriors: if yoga helps you make sure to avoid studios overly focused on superficial achievements and "perfect" bodies. Find a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) who specializes in yoga for ED, or if you attend a random class tell the teacher you are in recovery, ask them to refer you to a practitioner experienced with ED. You got this. But if you are in crisis move straight to the phone and call the nearest treatment center or ask a family member to do this ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Next for my fellow Yoga teachers/fitness professionals: 🙏stay in your lane. Do not give dietary advice (unless you are a dietician). Do not push cleanses, promote food rules or restriction. Conversations at your studio should never include topics like weight loss, food choices or diets. You have no clue how much or how little body self hatred a student carries or their history with food. Err on the side of Do No Harm. This stuff is out of your scope and you are not qualified. What can you do?

Don't lose hope because the Yoga Sutras got you covered 😉You can truly support your students by sharing yoga's incredibly relevant ethical precepts the yamas and niyamas: self compassion and self appreciation through ahimsa; balance of energy through bramacharya; the practice of finding contentment santosha 😜

Can't wait to share this information and more at Lewis and Clark's Graduate campus this weekend!

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