Origin Story

In my early twenties I fronted a band, lived in a skate shop in SF and wore the heck outta some pleather and animal print. Studying jazz composition and postmodern dance by day, serving punk shows by night, these were my formative years, and also when I first began using yoga for self care.

The yoga scene back then was pretty much only vinyasa yet as a dancer I really didn’t benefit from practicing extreme yoga postures. Lucky for me my dance teacher always taught a few restorative and yin poses. I found these poses soothing to my whole system, unlike the sweaty vinyasa rooms which seemed oddly competitive, and stressful. I found much needed peace through gentleness, presence, stillness, and contemplation.

I have my mom to thank for my foundation and early exposure in the discipline of meditation. As a child I was initiated into Surat Shabt Yoga and learned my first sound-based meditation practice from Master Ajaib Singh, or Sant Ji. We spent summers camping at Sant Bani ashram in nearby New Hampshire and weekly satsang with other initiates singing bhajans long into winter evenings in Vermont. My early years instilled a deep sense of spiritual community that I bring with me every time I practice.

Along with Sant Ji, my main teachers are Simon Menasche, Sarahjoy Marsh, Todd Jackson, Doug Keller, Annie Adamson, and Wendy Foster. I have gleaned much inspiration from the teachings of BKS Iyengar and much of my work stems from that lineage.

I have founded a number of transformational wellness-trainings and events, taught everywhere from prisons and residential clinics to rooftops and retreat centers. It’s nearly impossible for me not to teach yoga. I love empowering others to use yoga, not just the physical practice but the stronger medicine of pranayama, mantra, and pratyahara, to navigate the ever changing streams of life.

Fawn Williams